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photo of a 2019 housing forum logo

2019 Housing Forum

PHFA's Housing Forum will be held May 8-9. Visit the registration page for more information and to register.

photo of a foreclosure customer

Chester County

Meet Belinda and her family from Berwyn. PHFA foreclosure assistance helped to keep their home.

photo of a senior citizen living in a rental housing property renovated with funds from PHFA

Carbon County

Meet Jim from Jim Thorpe. He lives in an affordable apartment renovated with the help of PHFA.

Regis preparing food at a restaurant

Fayette County

Meet Melissa and her family from Grindstone. She had housing counseling thru PHFA & now owns her home.

photo of a PHFA homeownership customer

Erie County

Meet Yvonne and her family from Erie. They no longer pay rent. PHFA helped them buy a home of their own.

Blind and Vision Rehab

Allegheny County

The Blind and Vision Rehabitilation Services of Pittsburgh helps people with visual impairments.